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Prof. Teng-kuei Yang—Chairman of Board

   Ph.D. at Ohio State University (OSU), Post-doctor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the U.S. Professor of chemistry at National Chung-Hsing University. Former Director of Chemistry Department, Director of Chemistry In-
stitute, and the Dean of College of Science; Founder of Chinese Basilea Phar-
maceutical Co., Ltd (former Jiangsu Innovative Drug Research Center).
   As a visiting professor for many prestigious universities in China, such as Ch-
inese Academy of Science, Sichuan, Lanzhou, Peking, Southwest Normal, Nan-
kai, Tsinghua, Hong-Kong PolyT University and etc. And has cooperated with a number of listed companies in Taiwan in researching or acted as consultant. S-
uccessively won the Outstanding Technology Transfer Award of the National S-
cience Council, Advanced Individuals among oversea returnees in Jiangsu p-
rovince, Special Award of Haimen Technology Progress, Star Entrepreneur and Honorary Citizen, May- first Labor Medal of Jiangsu, Achievement Award for o-
versea returnees in Nantong and Annual Science & Technology Character Aw-
ard of 2012.

Mr. Ping Zou—CEO, Board Member

    Chemistry Master, Southwest University; MBA at Peking University. Has more than 10 years experience in research, pilot scale-up, ISO/GMP system establi-
shment, quality management, manufacture management, government affairs a-
nd business development. Successively served as project leader, ISO repre-
sentative, QA supervisor, QA/QC manager, Plant manager, CEO special assi-
stant, Vice-president of Development department and Board director. At pres-
ent, he is mainly responsible to assist the CEO to make the development str-
ategy for our company, and deal with the global market exploitation, new pro-
duct development and government affairs.

Dr. Xiaolong Qiu—VP of R&D, Senior Engineer

    Ph.D. in Shanghai Institution of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sc-
ience; Post-Doc of University of California, USA; Served as the person(PI) in charge of breast cancer project in military hospital, USA; published nearly 40 p-
apers in the famous foreign academic journals (and the papers have been cite-
d for more than 500 times); applied for 10 invention patents; compiled the boo-
k "Organic Fluorine Chemistry" (Science in China Press); at the same time, to-
ok part in the editing of 6 foreign academic books, and served as a reviewer for international academic journals as "JOC", "EJOC" and "ChemMedChem"; has
been awarded as the Multidisciplinary Postdoctor of U.S. Department of Defen-
se, Provincial Innovative Talent, Provincial Industry Professor; achieved the Sc-
ience & Technology Award for Youth; and has been selected to be one of the 333 High-level Personnel training project.

Mr. Jiaqiu Shi—Senior Engineer, VP of EHS

    Has more than 20 years of production, management experience and has a safety engineer certificate. The former deputy plant manager of Hydrogen pe-
roxide branch, Haimen; former deputy general manager and party branch se-
cretary of Haimen Insecticide factory; former general manager of Nantong Hui-
ying Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; former general manager of Shangwei Pharm-
aceutical Co., Ltd.

Ms. Tianjun Du—VP of Administration

    Served as Manager of Analysis Dept, Manager of Key Affairs, CEO Special Assistant, Administration Director.

Mr. Weidong Hu—VP of Commercial

    Has more than 20 year sales experience, familiar with all aspects of pharmaceuticals and chemical industry, good at CMO business. Served as Associate manager, Manager, Deputy Director of Commercial director.

Ms. Zhihong Zhang—Director of RA & Management Office

    Master degree of Zhejiang University. Served as team leader of of R&D Dept, Manager and Director of Commercial Dept. Experienced in R&D, Commercial, Project management, Drug regulatory affairs.

Mr. Xiangjun Zeng—Director of Production

     Master degree of East China University of science and technology, Registered Chemical Engineer, National Certified Safety Engineer. Served as Workshop Supervisor, Process Manager, Planning Manager, Pilot Factory Manager, Production Director. Has over 15 years experience in production and management of API and Intermediates.

Mr. Lin Hu—Scale-up Director

    Master degree of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Experienced in process development of API and Intermediates, good at process optimization and scale-up production. Completed process optimization and scale-up of several 1.1 new drugs and 2 projects of Transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Claimed and authorized more than 10 patents. Served as Manager of Process Development, Facility Manager, Associate Director and Director of Technology.

Prof. Huang Naizheng

    Vice-President of Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Chair Professor

Prof. LU Ta-jung

    Ph.D. in Yale University, USA. Former R&D chief and Social Management Dean of Chung Hsing University. Now, he is the professor of Chemistry department in Chung Hsing University and Scientific Management Di-

Prof. Chan Albert Sun-chi

    President of Hong Kong Baptist University

Prof. Lin Depei

    Ph.D. at Georg-August-University of Goettingen, now he is the President of Quantum Engineering Consultant Company.