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      The purpose of work is to reflect the value of life, and the embodiment of the life value is using personal knowledge and ability to create valuable achievements for human society, and get corresponding remuneration in return to enrich personal strength, so that to be ready for the next sprint. Wisdom pharmaceutical company is founded to provide a platform for the persons with wisdom and ideal to show their ability. We focus on making persons who have their own thoughts to realize their dreams through this platform. Based on the principle of "self-management", the company will let the employees have quite a degree of freedom to choose the way they like to work with. And the remuneration will be based on the achievement of the individual, the team he or she belongs to and the overall company. At the same time, the company and the society will also be promoted and improved due to the efforts of employees.
      Wisdom pharmaceutical company is mainly engaged in the pharmaceutical development. No matter we are researching new drugs in cooperation with international pharmaceutical companies, orpreparing the compound library for new drugs, even developing the manufacture process for generic drugs, we will always be in line with the principle of energy-saving and waste-reduction and the policy of using the least materials and energy to make out the most products and profits. We will do our utmost to make the drug manufacture process to be the most efficient one, and make Wisdom to become an international green company.