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Wisdom Production Construction Project: Antitumor API
Drug Workshop Launched

Release Time: 2003-12-13

    In Oct. 2013, Wisdom decided to build a new production workshop for antitumor API drugs of Bendamustine Hydrochloride and Fulvestrant.
    36 units of equipments as reaction kettle, centrifuge, drying machine, grinder, etc, were pu-
rchased and 1775 m2 of production workshop and its accessory buildings were built. The con-
struction of antitumor drugs production workshop is in accordance with the new national stand-
ards for pharmaceutical production quality. This action would greatly optimize Wisdom`s prod-
ucts, strengthen the strategic layout of antitumor medicine drug, which was another Major Scie-
nce and Technology achievements transformation project after Benazepril.
    On No. 20, 2013, Technology Achievement Identification Meeting on Bendamustine Hydroc-
hloride and Fulvestrant held in Nanjing. Seven authoritative experts from various universities and research institutes of Jiangsu province gave highly evaluation on Bendamustine Hydrochloride and Fulvestrant projects, and agreed to pass the Scientific and Technological Achievements As-
    Currently, the construction work of antitumor drug production workshop is carried out smoot-
hly and the whole construction time is expected to be 12 months.