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Production Equipment

(1) Totally, we have 14 manufacturing workshops, including 10 GMP clean production lines.
(2) The total installed capacity of our equipments is 3,581KVA. Our company is equipped with rea-
     ctors of different materials and different volumes with a total volume of 306,050L, ranging from
     5L to 8,000L. So we can handle with various chemical reactions. The research and production      temperature can be -100 ℃ to 250 ℃, and the pressure can be 10Pa to 3.0MPa.
(3) We currently have 5 refrigerators with a total cooling capacity of 1,324KW, and 3 liquid nitrogen     tanks with the total volume of 75m³.
(4) We have the ability for fluorine chemical development and production, with a fluorine production     capacity of 120kg per day.