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 Our welfare
  • 1. Two month probation corresponds to a one-year contract; 3 month probation corresponds to a thre-
        e-year contract.
  • 2. From the date of registration, apply for the accidental medical insurance (RMB 140,000) and traffic     accident insurance (RMB 60,000 to 300,000).
  • 3. From the date of registration, begin to pay social security (pension/unemployment/medical /birth/
        industrial injury, etc.) and housing funds.
  • 4. From the date of registration, the company will provide the employee with canteen subsidies 300
  • 5. On employee's birthday, the company will send a delicate birthday cake and a birthday card with
        the general manager's autography to the person.
  • 6. Welfare of the Mid-Autumn festival, the Spring Festival and other significant festivals, New Year’s
         Eve dinner and rich prizes.
  • 7. Employee dormitory, equipped with air condition, bed, furniture and bedclothes. We have full-time     cleaners to clean rooms. During the first 2 months, there is no charge for rent, water and electricit-
        y, after that period, employee should pay a little accommodation fee and the fee for water and e-
  • 8. We strictly comply with the national provisions about holiday. Due to the working time nature of the     R&D personnel, business personnel and senior management personnel, the company offers 15     days of paid vacation for them. In consideration of employees come from other provinces, our co-
        mpany’s Spring Festival holiday starts 2 days ahead of the national provision and extends for a-
        nother 2 days.
  • 9. Employee with master degrees or higher degree can get government subsidies (1,000-3,000 RMB     /month), and partial tax return of personal income. (If the government terminates this subsidy due to     special reason, the company will follow the termination).
  • 10. In order to enrich employees' spare life, our company provides public fitness equipment, billiard     tables, and rents professional badminton field for our employees. There are also reading club and     internal journal within our company.
  • 11. If employees carry on further education, after the completion of the study, the company will give the      corresponding percentage of subsidy to them based on length of service and the qualifications.
  • 12. After one completed year’s service, a employee will receive service annuity (6,000-10,000 RMB-
          /year), the service annuity of the former year will be distributed in the next year together with the y-
         ear-end bonus, and the distribution method is the same as the latter one.