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 Annual Dinner Performances

  •  Nantong travels

    One-day in Nantong

        The vast land should not only have flatland, and our wonderful days of youth should not be limited to the work. Under the leadership of Vice-president Mr. Hu, all the colleagues in Technology department made a one day s-
    elf-driving tour to Nantong.

        Ⅰ.Top of Wolf Mountain
        We divided our 15 people into four vehicles, our first destination was Mountain Wolf. Mountain Wolf is graceful even in this late autumn. As the first of the Eight Small Mountains, Mountain Wolf is always attracting endless v-
        Once entering the park, we couldn’t wait to head towards the top. On our way to the top, we have passed the Mountain Gate, Tomb of Revolutionary Martyr, and Cenotaph for Luo Bingwang. The Mountain Gate is grave an-
    d dignified, and defended by the two gigantic guardians. Bai Yayu is the revolutionary martyr in Nantong and the teacher of Li Dazhao. Luo Bingwang is one of the four great poets of Early Tang Dynasty. He was exiled to Nan-
    tong because of revolting against Empress Wu.

        The first Buddha hall that we see is Fa Ru Hall, which is the oldest hall of Guang Jiao temple. There were lush trees on the mountainside. On our way to the top, it is filled up with laughter and sings. In the hillside, we susp-
    ended our pace to overlook towards the South; the vast Yangzi River was hazily in front of us. After climbing for another 20 minutes, we arrived at the top of Mountain Wolf. Standing on the observation deck, overlooking the Yangzi River, which gave us a sense of grandness and vast. Looking down the city, it was under a busy const-
    ruction. We all took pictures on the observation deck. I couldn’t find appropriate words to express the pleasure and happiness.

        Ⅱ. Park barbecue
        It was almost noon when we got down from the mountain, and we headed for our lunch destination without a stop.

         Although it was nearly late autumn, the park was also vibrant. The towering trees stretched their branches to protect us from the sun. After finding a vacant lot, we were very excited to begin our barbecue feast. Due to the lack of experience, the barbecue plate gradually became a pan which is full of oil, and the barbecue dinner cha-
    nged to a frying feast. But everyone was still very happy, although taste is important, atmosphere is more impo-
    rtant than it. It is worthy mentioning that Xiao Mingjie is good at barbecuing. His first-class cooking skill made him become the most popular chef.

        After about 2 hours, we finished our feast and started some free activities. It is said that time always flies more quickly when you are happy. When the sunset glow projected on our faces through the trees, we began to pre-
    pare for the return. We took a picture in front of the park’s gate, and drew a perfect stop for this trip.

        This trip makes us to enjoy the life and nature in our spare time, enhances the cohesion of the whole team and lays a firm foundation for a more efficient cooperation.

     Zoushan tour

    Self-driving travel to Zoushan

        In October 2012, Technology Department arranged 2 days self-driving tour to Zhoushan during the National Day Holidays

         Day 1:
        In the early morning of October 6, we started our tour from the company, embarking a journey of more than 400 kilometers. Although it took about five to six hours before arriving in the destination, we were all very exci-
    ted and happy along the whole way. And unconsciously we got to Shen Jiamen at 13 o'clock, we checked in the hotel. The hotel was located opposite the sea; there were many fishing boats by the seaside; the air was filled with the smell of sea and fish. After taking a short break at the hotel, we found a nearby small restaurant to ha-
    ve self-service hot pot. After finishing our lunch, it was over 14 o’clock, and then we drove to Zhu Jiajian.

        There are many tourism resources in Zhu Jiajian, among which Ten Sands is the largest sands group of the Eastern China, totally there are 9 sand beaches including Qing Sands, Li Sands, Thousand Sands, South S-
    ands, East Sands and other sands. Due to the time limit, we just went to the South Sands. The South Sands g-
    ave us a good impression, it has abundant resources. There also had sand sculptures around the scenic area. The innermost of this spot is the sands beach, there were many children playing with sands, and some people were swimming in the sea.

        We were very excited, playing with sands, water and taking pictures. After 3 hours' frolic, we are tired and hu-
    ngry, so we went back to our hotel. The next task was enjoy a delicious dinner. We ate seafood in the Seafood Street while enjoying the sea breeze and the night scene. There were various kinds of seafood; we even didn't know the name of some of them. They were all very delicious and with a moderate price.

        Day 2:
         At 06:30 on October 7, we started our journey to Mount Putuo. We took the Feizhou ferryboat to the dock of Mount Putuo, it took about 10 minutes. Mount Putuo is surrounded by the sea and with charming scenery. Be-
    cause we had to save the time, we tooke the ropeway directly to the Foding Shan. The Huji temple on Foding Shan is the highest temple of Mount Putuo. We walked down from the top; we experienced the legendary 1088 stairs. Fayu temple was rightly at the bottom of these stairs. Then we went to Nanhai Guanyin, Black Bamboo Forest and Baibu Sands. Although we have not gone through the whole Mount Putuo, we felt the tranquility and fantasy of this island.

        Although this tour is only 2 days, we have got to the most east island, we have touched the soft beach in Zhu Jiajian, we have enjoyed the delicious seafood, and we also have appreciated the cultural deposits of Buddhism. The whole journey makes us feel relaxed, and make us ready for the following works. What more important is t-
    hat this journey provides a favorable platform for colleagues to communicate with each other and strengthens the cohesion.